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About Corona

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Corona Foundation started its activity in 1999 and became quickly a pillar of civil society, been active both locally and regionally. Throughout its history, the applicant has implemented over 35 projects counting more than 10 million Euros (accessed funding programs: Phare, Europe Fund, Leonardo Da Vinci, government funds managed by the AFM, the Chamber of Deputies, the Ministry of Culture, Structural Funds).

The goal of Corona Foundation is to determinate, develop and implement projects targeting the development of local community in the following sectors: economic, social and medical life, culture, youth, sports, education and environment.

The projects implemented by Corona are targeting civil initiative, participatory democracy and civil education development and promotion, awareness-raising and information campaigns related to the following subjects: integration in UE, development of professional competencies, human resources improvement; support and development of NGOs’ operational and managerial competencies. At the moment, Corona Foundation is implementing projects at local, regional and national level. The target groups of the projects implemented by Corona include a wide range of socio-economic categories and population segments: unemployed/dismissed people, youth, rural population, agricultural workers, sales staff, consumers and producers from several industries, elderly. Another important target group is formed from the civil society actors- NGOs activating in the field of democracy and state law, and environment NGOs.

Corona is also certified provider offering advisory services for local authorities and private agents.

Contact Addresses:
Bld. Chimiei, nr. 1A, et. 2
Iasi, Romania, 700391
Phone: 0232.244.530
Fax: 0232.244.536
E-mail: office@fundatiacorona.org

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This project is co-funded by the European Union.