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Application procedures

In order to participate to the summer school and Ambassadors′ campaign, all the interested people should apply to the contest.

Application procedures

  • Who can apply?

The contest will be open to participants resident in one of the EU countries or Western Balkans countries, with ages between 18 and 30, without making any discrimination related to religion, convictions, political view, race, economic and social status, disabilities, sexual orientation or sex. The contest language will be English, so all the participants must have proficiency in English. Also, the participants must be students or university graduates.
In order to ensure the indicators from the project, we encourage NGOs employees or volunteers to apply.

  • How can someone participate to the contest?

In order to participate to the contest, the applicants must complete an electronic form available on the website, mentioning name, age, nationality, contact information, studies and work experience. The contestants will be asked

  • to write a small essay (to offer a short description of their country and/or the people living there, or to present a traditional custom, or to offer a quote from a famous author)- maximum 1 page
  • or

  • to upload a photo (one only)/movie (maximum 5 minutes) which they consider relevant for their country.

At the same time, they will be asked to write a personal desire that they believe EU could fulfil.
The applications are going to be evaluated based on creativity and originality criteria. A third element of the evaluation is going to refer to the way in which the materials reflect a cultural particularity of the participants′ country.

  • What is an EU Ambassador?

The EU Ambassador is a person in charge with promoting EU enlargement cause among his co-nationals.
The Ambassador will be trained during the summer school by participating to several courses and workshops related to this subject. Afterwards, he will disseminate the information in his environment and will receive as support some informative materials (100 brochures each). The brochures will be sent by mail by the PR specialist. The participants must sign a commitment during the summer school in which they oblige themselves to become EU Ambassadors. For this activity, each Ambassador will receive 100 Euro.

Selection procedure

The contest will be opened during 1 month and a half (1 of March – 15 of April 2012). At the end of April, a commission formed by representatives of Corona and SPARK are going to evaluate all the applications.
In order to fulfil with the project indicators, the evaluation commission is going to select 40 participants from Balkans states, 40 participants from Romania and 20 participants from other EU states. 20 out of the 100 selected participants are going to be employees or volunteers in a NGO, no matter of their nationality.
All the participants will be informed by email regarding their acceptance or rejection during May 2012. They will have 3 days to respond affirmative in case they have been accepted, by completing a form in which they will agree to participate to the summer school and become EU Ambassadors. The selected participants will have to submit a proof of their status by sending together with the acceptance form a copy of their student booklet, university letter stating that they are students or university diploma/letter demonstrating that they have graduated from a university.

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This project is co-funded by the European Union.